Can you do the Every Inch of the Camino walk – or any other part of the Camino?

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The greatest experience

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about going to Spain or taking any other trip with Andaspain because it was the greatest experience for us and I cannot wait to go on another trip with you!! Thank you for all that everyone with Andaspain did to make this such a fantastic trip!! It was so well organized and planned and I just cannot say enough good complimentary things about it.

Holly W.
A Longer Last 100KM, June 2018

Forever changed

Andaspain Walking Adventures love what they do and it shows. They are a talented group in so many areas.  They take everything to the next level. Their greatest gift is being “tour guides extraordinaire” and hopefully lifelong friends.  All of us on the Feast Day Celebration 2018 – had the privilege of knowing them and having our lives enriched.  They gave freely of themselves, they made us laugh, they encouraged us each day – and I am forever changed.

Maribeth P.
Feast Day Last 100KM, July 2018

Excellent – Simply brilliant

The quality of the food on the trip? Excellent – (Are you kidding there is no above excellent?) Great!! Enjoyed everything from the local spots that you scoped out to the simply brilliant lunches on the trail.

Paul T.
Every Inch of the Camino Frances, May 2018

I would do it again!

Thank you for your attention to all of the details. Vanessa and Ashleigh made the trip feel very personal. They cared for each and every one of us as if we were family. They brought their personal touches to the meals they prepared and arranged, to the activities in various locations, and in walking the Camino with us.

Martha A.
Best of the Camino, October 2017

Not enough can be said

Our guides are living this trip as far as their love of the experience… without being overboard or disingenuous. I always felt they had a natural feel for our needs & their knowledge of all aspects relating to us & the Camino. The fact it was with Andaspain IS a component of the whole beautiful experience. The intimacy, comfort level, food, comraderie, professionalism.

Denise N.
The Last 100KM, September 2017

Boutique Camino

It was exceptional in every way. I had been in many rural houses and the ones we had were the best, as well as the two hotels. The care from the two guides and “Bruce” was exceptional, as well as the group of people. There was variety and well prepared galician food!!! Loved the Picnic Salads!!! Honestly I cannot think of anything I didn’t like; always there for us tending to every detail. They spoiled us and were very knowledgeable. I am in love with Andaspain!

Cristina P.
The Last 100KM, October 2016

I will be back

The best thing about the trip – The companionship and care of the Andaspain personnel and the feeling of becoming family within our group. Your tours are excellent, every care was to be sure we were safe and cared for. I can think of no practical improvements that you could make. I highly recommend Andaspain to all I meet. It was a wonderful experience. It was great to get to know the Andaspain personnel and become friends. You make every care to make people in the group comfortable and help others along to find their way.

Nick & Susan L.
Every Inch of the Camino, May 2015

It was just perfect

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? I say it was the perfect amount of “guided.” The thought of a “guided trip” made me think of being with a large group and all having to stay together. I loved that you could walk with members of the group and people you met along the way; knowing that the van would be at specific points was comforting. It was just perfect.

Nancy T.
The Last 100KM, September 2013
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